henk parthesius photography

My name is Henk Parthesius.

Photography is my passion. A passion that did not begin to take shape until I started working in a camera shop shortly after I had finished school. It was there that my interest for photography was first triggered. It was then that the idea to enter photo art school first entered my mind. Photo art school turned out to be just the place for me. At photo art school I picked up just about everything I needed to know to be able to become the professional photographer that I wanted to be.

My first ever job as a professional photographer was with a "Inkoopcombinatie Nederland",
a kind of centralised purchasing organisation that served a number of retail businesses.
As the company photographer I had to be a "jack of all trades". My core task was taking photos of the various products, but I would also be called in to do fashion shoots, parties
and the like.

These first experiences in the field of photography put me in the frame for my next job at the "BKB" (Beelden Kunst Beheer), a subsidiary of the "Stedelijk Museum" in Amsterdam. At the "Stedelijk Museum" documenting art was my main occupation.

In 1983 I felt it was time to make a move and start a studio of my own. Together with photographer Maxim Meekes I managed to find just the space at the Zoutkeetsgracht in Amsterdam. Maxim and I shared the studio for a couple of years before we decided it was time for each of us to go our own ways. I moved to Zaandam and put myself in business as a freelance photographer. And that is where I am still, in Zaandam. Living happily ever after with my family and my passion for photography.

On this site you will find some of my work. A choice selection of everything I have shot over the years that I hope will show what a wonderful profession photography is. Wishing you as much fun browsing through my web pages as I have had compiling them!

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